Berks County Dental Society
Berks County Dental Society

President’s Message

With all that is going on this month, I will try to keep my comments short. 

The main point is our need for volunteers for the many Dental Society projects.  We still need a few more dentists to sign up to help at the St Joe’s Free Children’s Clinic this year.  As of this writing, there are unfilled spots on January 11, March 8, April 12, May 17 and June 14.  (Thankfully we have a full complement of volunteers for February.)  If you can find the time to help out, please call Kim Musko at 610-378-2445.

Another one of our projects are the annual 3rd grade presentations as part of National Children’s Dental Health Month.  For many of you, this will be another time out in the community to again give of your time.  Thank you for that.  As with most other years, we are still looking for people to help out.  Contact Marie at the Society, 610-987-0143 or e-mail

Dinner with Learning is back!  Mark your calendars and plan to attend this great event on Thursday, February 20, 2014, at the Stirling Guest House.  The Stirling never fails to impress with their food and atmosphere.  The information and registration form was sent out earlier this month.  If you did not receive one, check the “Upcoming Events” tab on the website or contact Marie.

While you are reserving dates, we have Dr Elliot Hersh speaking on “Local Anethetics”, Friday, March 14, 2014 from 9-1.  We also have Dr. Richard Wynn giving a “Pharmacology Update: Herbals and Nutraceuticals plus New Drugs on the Market”, Friday May 9, 2014.  The final details are still being worked out for both of these presentations. 

By now everyone should have received their copy of the 2013-2014 Directory.  There are a few mistakes that made it through the proofing stage.  Please help us.  If you see something that needs to be changed or missing information to include, let Marie know.

Best Wishes To All,

Dave Schwartz, DDS

November, 2013

Wow!!  I am finally able to catch my breath.  For those of you who took advantage of all the programs that went on here in Berks County over the past several weeks, you know what I mean.  There was golf, picnic, and plenty of CE.  I earned 12 CE in October alone without leaving the county.  If I add the 3 from our April course, I am half way done for this license cycle for under $300 – what a bargain.

 I must write about the October 11 CE with Dr. Novy.  I am so glad the Berks-Schuylkill Dental Hygienists’ Association asked us to help bring him here to speak.  In one day, he turned much of what I thought I knew about caries and prevention on its ear.  It was a paradigm shift that really made sense.  Over 70 people were there and I would bet if you polled them, most everyone would agree.  Now I must admit that I was not too impressed about the presentation when I read about it, and went solely because I was the President and that is what you do as a leader.  Yes, I am guilty of judging a book by its cover.  I suspect that many of you did the same, for there were only 17  Society members present.  

I use to think that the hygienists always showed up in numbers to CE events because the dentist that they worked for paid for them to go.  I now know that is not necessarily the case.  I was invited to attend a CE program by the B-SDHA on a Thursday night at Toscani’s.  The topic seemed interesting, and because I was representing the Society, I went.  They had 77 hygienists come out.  Everyone I asked paid for themselves and told me that they always get this kind of turn out.  It made me think, “What are they doing different?” 

It could not be the price.  As members, their cost was $25 for the meal and 1 CE.  Mine was the non-member fee of $50.  We have had CE’s for less than $25 a credit for members and could barely get 20 members to show.  The 4th District just had a meeting with free breakfast, lunch and 3 credits, yet less than 10 Berks County Members showed up.  In fact, there were more dentists present from Lebanon County and the event was held here in Berks!

I know not everyone has the same interest in the same topics, so that could have something to do with an occasional low turnout, yet there have been such a variety of topics over the past many years and member turnout is consistently low.

The only thing left is the dates.  We usually have longer CE’s on a Friday morning and shorter ones in the evening.  We mix up the day in the evening to make sure that everyone has the ability to attend something.  Feedback is what is needed to fully evaluate the situation.

The PDA’s Social Network allows for open discussions like this and eventually allows a poll to be taken.  I will be staring a thread to see which way you, the member, want to head.

 One final note: Please respond to the National Children’s Dental Health Month mailers that will soon be coming your way.  We need volunteers to do third grade presentations in February and volunteers for the Saturday Children’s Clinic at St Joe’s.  The St. Joe’s dates are Jan 11, Feb 8 (snow date Feb 22), Mar 8 (snow date Mar 22), April 12, May 10 and June 7.  MaryGrace Rugh, RDH will be handling the St Joe’s registration at 610-796-9095.  I have already signed up for the 3 school that I have been presenting to for the past 10+ years and have signed up for Jan 11 at St. Joe’s.  Together we are making a difference in Berks County.


David A. Schwartz, DDS

President – Berks County Dental Society

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Chartered in 1910,
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