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Please review the minutes of the January 2015 BCDS Executive Committee Meeting

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The Alliance of the Berks County Dental Society has purchased the above educational materials for members use when visiting schools.  They are currently being stored at the office of John Reitz DDS
30 Commerce Drive. 


 The Alliance of the Berks County Dental Society donated $2,153 raised from the Holiday Sharing Card to be used for toothbrushes for NCDHM and new educational DVD's. 

November, 2013

Wow!!  I am finally able to catch my breath.  For those of you who took advantage of all the programs that went on here in Berks County over the past several weeks, you know what I mean.  There was golf, picnic, and plenty of CE.  I earned 12 CE in October alone without leaving the county.  If I add the 3 from our April course, I am half way done for this license cycle for under $300 – what a bargain.

 I must write about the October 11 CE with Dr. Novy.  I am so glad the Berks-Schuylkill Dental Hygienists’ Association asked us to help bring him here to speak.  In one day, he turned much of what I thought I knew about caries and prevention on its ear.  It was a paradigm shift that really made sense.  Over 70 people were there and I would bet if you polled them, most everyone would agree.  Now I must admit that I was not too impressed about the presentation when I read about it, and went solely because I was the President and that is what you do as a leader.  Yes, I am guilty of judging a book by its cover.  I suspect that many of you did the same, for there were only 17  Society members present.  

I use to think that the hygienists always showed up in numbers to CE events because the dentist that they worked for paid for them to go.  I now know that is not necessarily the case.  I was invited to attend a CE program by the B-SDHA on a Thursday night at Toscani’s.  The topic seemed interesting, and because I was representing the Society, I went.  They had 77 hygienists come out.  Everyone I asked paid for themselves and told me that they always get this kind of turn out.  It made me think, “What are they doing different?” 

It could not be the price.  As members, their cost was $25 for the meal and 1 CE.  Mine was the non-member fee of $50.  We have had CE’s for less than $25 a credit for members and could barely get 20 members to show.  The 4th District just had a meeting with free breakfast, lunch and 3 credits, yet less than 10 Berks County Members showed up.  In fact, there were more dentists present from Lebanon County and the event was held here in Berks!

I know not everyone has the same interest in the same topics, so that could have something to do with an occasional low turnout, yet there have been such a variety of topics over the past many years and member turnout is consistently low.

The only thing left is the dates.  We usually have longer CE’s on a Friday morning and shorter ones in the evening.  We mix up the day in the evening to make sure that everyone has the ability to attend something.  Feedback is what is needed to fully evaluate the situation.

The PDA’s Social Network allows for open discussions like this and eventually allows a poll to be taken.  I will be staring a thread to see which way you, the member, want to head.

 One final note: Please respond to the National Children’s Dental Health Month mailers that will soon be coming your way.  We need volunteers to do third grade presentations in February and volunteers for the Saturday Children’s Clinic at St Joe’s.  The St. Joe’s dates are Jan 11, Feb 8 (snow date Feb 22), Mar 8 (snow date Mar 22), April 12, May 10 and June 7.  MaryGrace Rugh, RDH will be handling the St Joe’s registration at 610-796-9095.  I have already signed up for the 3 school that I have been presenting to for the past 10+ years and have signed up for Jan 11 at St. Joe’s.  Together we are making a difference in Berks County.


David A. Schwartz, DDS

President – Berks County Dental Society

President’s Message

August, 2013

It’s Back To School Time!

Not only for the kids in our lives, but ourselves.  Is it just me or has there been a larger than usual number of CE offers that come across my desk lately?  Four alone are due to the efforts of your local Societies.

  • October 4 the 4th District Dental Society, which includes Berks County has Dr. Tammy Balatgek speaking on “Beyond the Teeth…” from 9 until noon at Galen Hall.  3 free CE’s for members, including breakfast & lunch.
  • October 11, in a combined effort with the Berks-Schuylkill Dental Hygienists Association, we have Dr. Brian Novy speaking on “’Offensive’ Dentistry” from 9-4 at The Highlands at Wyomissing.  6 CE’s for members for $85 including breakfast and lunch.
  • October 18, with the help of PDAIS, attorney Tom Weber will be presenting “The High Cost of Short Cuts”, a 3 CE course on risk management also at The Highlands of Wyomissing from 9- noon, including breakfast for $25 a member.
  • December 13, with the help of the PDA and PDAIS, there is Dr. Dale Miles speaking on “Dental X-Rays: Risky Business and Signs of Systemic Disease”, from 9 – 4:30.  6 CE’s for $145 including breakfast and lunch.  This course will also serve towards the PA Department of Environmental Protection’s new CE requirements.

If my math holds out, BCDS members can earn 18 CE’s for $255, plus get 4 breakfasts and 3 lunches all without leaving the county!  That is more than half of what is needed for your license renewal and only up to December.  The best part of these courses is that the monies collected stay local.  Registration deadlines are approaching soon, so do not delay.  As always, if you have misplaced your registration information, you can download a new one from the website,  Click the link on the date on the calendar.


By now everyone should have received a notice concerning the proposed Constitution and By-Laws changes.  These changes have been needed for many years for many reasons.  Countless hours have been spent, not only on the proposed changes, but to convert our current Constitution and By-Laws from the printed paper version to a digital version so future revisions can more easily be made.  According to the By-Laws, any proposed changes need to be discussed with the membership at least 30 prior to any vote.  A Special Meeting to discuss the proposed changes has been called and scheduled for Tuesday, August 27, 2013, at 6:30 pm at St. Joseph’s Hospital Franciscan Room.  Light sandwiches and drinks will be provided – please reply to Marie so we can assure we have enough.  The final discussions and vote will start at 5pm Friday, September 27, 2013 between the golf outing and the annual picnic at Galen Hall.  To be able to put this all behind us, we need at least 30 members present for the vote.  You do not have to golf or attend the picnic to be able to come and voice your opinion and vote as a member.  (Of course you can always change your mind and stay afterwards for the entertainment and taste entries for the Alliance’s “Cavity Award” dessert contest.)

Speaking of the Golf Outing, we have brought it back.  Scheduled for Friday, September 27, 2013, 1pm shotgun start.  If there is enough interest, there will be both a scramble and an individual play tournament.  Please indicate your preference on your registration form if you remember.   We have secured corporate sponsorship for most of the holes – still a couple holes left if you know someone.  There will be 4 hole-in-1 opportunities with these prizes:

  1. Vacation up to $5000
  2. Golf equipment package
  3. Electronics package
  4. Airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US

There will be a couple “Pot-of-Gold” holes; a 50/50 drawing; Gift certificates and cash prizes.  The more that sign up, the better the prizes.

The night will be capped off with our 3rd Annual Picnic.  We will have Game2U bringing their Wii and Hamster balls for the kids of all ages.  The Roof Rockers will play live music from the 70’s & 80’s, 6:30 - 9:30 from the deck.  Bring your favorite dessert, homemade or not, for the 3rd Annual Alliance “Cavity Award” for the best desserts.   Of course there will be picnic food, a cash bar.


One final note: We are again in need of volunteers to fill vacant offices.  We currently have 4 people doing the work of 7.  Marie is going over on her hours every week to help make up the difference, but that eats into our budget (Read: your dues dollars) leaving little leftover for programs.  The duties of the officers are listed in the By-Laws change, both the current duties as well as the new ones if they pass.  We also need a PDA Alternate Delegate since Dr. Nipa Thakkar had to resign when she moved from the area.  Please find a way to help.  When we have a full slate of volunteers, the time commitment goes down for everyone.

See you at these events!

Dave Schwartz, DDS

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