Berks County Dental Society
Alliance of the BCDS
The Alliance of the Berks County Dental Society is composed of spouses and significant others of dental members. These individuals help charter, organize, and oversee many of the events that the BCDS sponsors throughout the year. The alliance is actively involved with most social events of the BCDS, including the Annual Banquet and the Meet and Greet. In addition, the alliance is actively involved in executing the events of Dental Health Month as well as welcoming in the holiday season with its annual Holiday Sharing Card. The board of the BCDS salutes the hard-working members of the alliance and commend them on their efforts within the Greater Reading Community.


Chairperson:  Jenny Zehner

Treasurer:  Carol Reitz

Legislative Affairs:  Carol Reitz

Reading Science Fair 2013
Berks County Dental Society Awards:

Junior High -$100 to John Dinnocenti - Immaculate
Conception - " Is it Worth the Extra Mile to get a brighter Smile ?' Soaking teeth and cleaning them with toothpaste

Senior High- $100 to Courtney Marley - Gov. Mifflin HIgh School- "Whiting Commerical Products vs Home Remedies"

Alliance of Berks County Dental Society Awards:

$50 to Alexander Gundersen, St. Ignatius - " Which Type of Liquid Increases the Risk of Cavities"

$50 to Justin Siberski - La Salle Academy - "Tooth Decay can we keep it away?"

$25 to Braden Hecker - La Salle Academy - " Sweet Tooth"

$25 to Kate Balatgek- Wilson High School -"Testing Tooth Strength"

Much Thanks to Debbie Auchter, Barbara Ciabattoni and Carol Reitz for judging the Science Fair

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